Business Concept & Strategy 

The Rostov-Moray Group can help clients refine or develop new business ideas.  Focus is placed on a customer-focused mindset and a least-cost innovation process that recognizes business and product development is a process of learning, improvement, and refinement.

The Rostov-Moray Group also acts as a nexus for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to partner with others in the marketplace.  We can also help firms increase efficiencies and look at business strategies in new ways.

Brand & Strategy Development

Public Speaking & Trainings

Community & Political Organizing

Brand development is holistic in nature and can be achieved far below the costs of others.  We walk clients through a process of understanding personal, founder, and business identities and how they can be conveyed through a brand to connect to customers in a genuine manner.  We partner with other creators to help companies reach their goals. 

Whether it's an emotional talk about leadership and empathy or one that challenges ones economic and social conceptions, the Rostov-Moray Group is able to meet the needs of many organizations and events looking for dynamic and engaging speakers.

Organizing people around shared goals and objectives to meet society's needs is a passion of the Rostov-Moray Group.  Being able to bring people from divergent and divisive backgrounds to the same table and work together to change the world is a challenge we are always happy to help out with.  We lead with empathy, focus on our shared sense of humanity, and communicate in a manner that acheives results.

Community & Economic Development

The Rostov-Moray Group provides unconventional community and economic development services.  Our definition of community development is that of enhancing a community's social fabric and its strength to accomplish a community goal--increasing community capacity.  We help communities build an agenda to drive change from within their communities and find external partners when needed. Leveraging public and private sector support is vital and is done so in an additive and not a distractive way.  We don't support year-long feasibility studies we could profit from if the summary of the results could be figured out on the back of a napkin over a cup of coffee with you.  We work to empower doers to get results and instill within those doers that innovation and change is a process.  Failures will happen, but they also help to enhance community capacity.  Strong communities make our country and world a better place.

Specialized Advisory Services

Given our agile structure, the Rostov-Moray Group is able to provide bespoke consulting services if we feel we can meet the needs of clients and provide them with the value they deserve from our relationship.