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The Rostov-Moray group is an agile consulting firm designed to meet the needs of clients.  We are focused on helping clients develop strategies and refine ideas in order to achieve long-lasting success that produces economic, environmental, and social benefits.

The Rostov-Moray Group was founded in 2014 and focuses on helping individuals, firms, and organizations chart long-term success that produces economic, environmental, and social benefits.

Drawing on a mix of applied social science and innovative business tools, the Rostov-Moray Group is able to offer an outside opinion to both small and large firms and organizations.  Sometimes all it takes is for our consultants to ask questions and the clients can connect the dots.  We want clients to grow and succeed, not become dependent on our services.

Barnett G. Sporkin-Morrison

Founder & Principal Advisor

Barnett calls the Inter-Mountain West home and resides outside of the small Montana town of Choteau.  An agricultural and applied economist by education, Barnett has served in the U.S. Government domestically and internationally.  He has been advising domestic and international businesses and organizations for over 15 years, ranging from small food startups to multinational arms manufacturers.  Consumer behavior, complex economic and social problems, community and economic development, business model creation, and strategy development are his brain candy.  He enjoys canoeing, hiking, fishing, and downhill and nordic skiing with his wife and their three children--that's not to say he's good at any of them though.  On the creative side, he's an accomplished public speaker, photographer, and writer.  He uses his education which was rooted in transaction cost economics and symbolic interactionism sociology to take a unique look at firms and complex problems.  Don't ask him to sing, but he can sometimes be pretty funny.

The Rostov Moray Group works ad hoc with trusted experts domestically and internationally depending on client needs.  Honesty, confidentiality, morality, ethics, and empathy are paramount in our work.  We aren't interested in doing shady things or working with shady clients, if that bothers you then we aren't interested in working with you.

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